Corporate Outline
Corporate Outline

Message from the President

The World’s Fastest-growing Fitness Chain

When I heard about Curves in 2004, I went to the United States to see for myself. Women only, 30 minutes, low prices. I imagined that low-priced, convenient fitness must be the key to the company’s success. But when I took a look at Curves I saw something else. At location after location, customers shared their emotional reactions with me.

“My high blood pressure has gotten better. Curves saved my life!”

“Before I couldn’t walk without a cane. Now I walk on my own two feet. Now traveling is fun again. This place has turned my life around!”

Then I learned about Curves’ unusual back story. The founder lost his mother to diabetes when he was just a small child. He started it, he said, because he wanted to help people like his late mother. It’s a special fitness club.

Japan has a lot of women who need Curves. A country that is becoming an elderly society was sure to need places like Curves. Convinced that my intuition was right, I acquired the Japanese operating rights and founded Curves Japan Co., Ltd. in 2005. Curves is a place that has the power to transform people’s lives through exercise. It offers unique and effective exercise programs, warm support from instructors and a community where women support each other. As they start exercising and keep it up, women feel their bodies return to health and their spirits become happier and more positive. The experience transforms their lives. I learned from many customers of the amazing power each of us has in our own bodies and the wonderful effects of the work we do.

Fast forward to 2019 and Curves is today one of Japan’s most successful fitness chains, with over 2,000 locations nationwide. Yet the vision for this business is the same as when Curves was founded. In fact, it’s deeper and stronger than ever. It’s about supporting our customers with all our hearts, so they can lead richer lives. It’s about finding happiness through the joy of helping others, working for the sake of people and the world we live in. We want to build a society free of worries about illness and caregiving, with togetherness and friendship, full of the energy to live.
Our challenge continues.

Takeshi Masumoto
Representative Director and President