Pribacy Policy
Pribacy Policy

Pribacy Policy

This website is operated by CURVES HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
To use this website, you must first read and agree to the following regulations.
Note: Please be aware that these regulations are subject to change without notice.


1. “The Company” refers to CURVES HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
2. “The Group” refers to Curves Japan Co., Ltd., HIGHSTANDARD Co., LTD., Curves International, Inc., Curves Europe B.V. and their subsidiaries, as well as the Company.
3. “Personal information” refers to information about a customer (member) that can be used to identify that member, such as the member’s name and date of birth.


The Group uses customers’ personal information for the following purposes:

1. To manage the contracts for and status of use of various services provided to customers
2. To contact customers by mail, telephone, fax or e-mail regarding the following:
 a. Confirmations required to provide various services to customers
 b. Sales promotional materials, surveys, etc.
 c. Information about events, new services, etc.
3. To implement marketing activities and product development

Safety Management

The Company manages the personal information it receives from customers with strict care, implementing measures to prevent leaks, tampering, etc.

Subcontracting to Third Parties

The Company may subcontract the handling of customers’ personal information to third parties within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes listed in “Purposes” above. In such cases, before entrusting the personal information, the Company implements measures to protect the personal information so entrusted. The Company also conducts necessary and appropriate supervision of subcontractors, to ensure that the personal information will be managed safely.

Provision to Third Parties

Except as specified in “Subcontracting to Third Parties” above, and otherwise as permitted by law, the Company shall not provide a customer’s personal information to any third party except with the advance consent of the customer.