Corporate Outline
Corporate Outline

Corporate Philosophy

“Curves, the 30-minute healthy workout class just for women” now has over 2,000 locations throughout Japan.
We’re aiming to be your region’s health infrastructure.

Getting healthy means starting your exercise program now. But many people are unaware of how important exercise is. Or they don’t know the right exercises to do. Or they may start exercising but struggle to stick with it. Since our foundation in 2005, we at Curves Japan have created a new market by providing a place where women can start a workout program anytime and keep at it because it’s fun and they can see the results. Our core users are women aged 50 and up, many of whom have rarely if ever been inside a fitness gym before.
As a Company that extends healthy lifespans, Curves is dedicated to contributing to solutions for Japan’s super-aging society. We want as many women as possible to understand the importance of health and exercise, and to support them in leading healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

By spreading the habits of
correct exercise,
we will help ourselves and
our members have a better life,
and resolve problems in our society.

Our Aim

We want to build a society free of worries about illness and caregiving,
with togetherness and friendship, full of the energy to live.